Today, nurses and caretakers face 3 main concerns: being able to work with actual data, to reduce the non-medical training time and to reduce the administration time after a long day…

Pridiktiv is a smart and mobile health collaboration platform.

What Pridiktiv will do for you:

Increase up-to-date data up to 100%
The right EHR/EMR dashboard: access to data where and when you need it. Up-to-date data straight from your ERP.
Reduce (non medical) training time to 1/5th
That's right, everything you need to know is right in front of you. Our platform requires an IT literacy level of a 6-year old.
Reduce administration time to 1/3rd
Often medical staff needs to get behind a computer at the end of a long day to manually enter notes they took during the day.
Bring back human approach to medicare
The core value every caretaker has in common, regardless the domain they work in: "less machine, more human."

Discover some of Pridiktiv's unique features

Access all Data in One System

Customized Reporting and Analytics

Integration with Outside Entities Involved

SaaS : Software as a Service

Lightning Fast Data Retrieval and Analysis

Cross Platform with Access Anywhere

Modular user-centric interface

HIPAA Data Protection & Privacy Compliant

Mobile first, build from the ground up

Multilingual user interface

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