Pridiktiv: redesigning the future of healthcare.
The Pridiktiv Experience

Though created in February 2015, the Pridiktiv expertise is based on years of pioneering and development in cross platform applications, secure database management and the Internet Of Things (IoT).
We combine every possible and proven technology to create operational excellence in order to offer the best possible solution, based on realistic ROI.
We currently are rolling our pilot projects throughout homecare and care home environments where our Pridiktiv solution is making a huge difference.
Pridiktiv is privately held, based in Ghent, the ICT capital of Europe.

Our goals are :

  • Start, monitor, intercept and improve the customer journey touchpoint evolution for patients and caretakers where possible.
  • Create and implement operational excellence in the healthcare sector based on the top 3 issues: lack of accurate data, lack of training time, error-prone manual administration overload
  • Pioneering in Mobile and Smart wearable connected healthcare experiences based on technology and geo-location.
  • Bring back the human approach to healthcare.